Iliad calls problems, technicians at work to solve

Some users can neither make nor receive calls with their Iliad card: the problem seems to be localized only in some areas of Italy

It's now two months that Iliad has landed in the Italian market: the new phone company has attacked the market with low-cost rates and forced competitors to lower their prices. The goal of one million users has been reached in a little less than sixty days, despite some technical problems that, especially at the beginning, have forced Iliad technicians to work harder.

The problems, however, do not seem to be completely solved. On social networks, some users report inefficiencies that have persisted for at least a couple of days and that do not allow to make and receive calls: the network icon shows the lack of signal, but the data service works both in 3G and 4G. So you can surf the Internet, use WhatsApp and Facebook, but you can't make calls. Iliad has also confirmed the existence of this problem and is trying to solve it as soon as possible, but it is not understood the cause on which it depends.

How to solve the problem of calls with Iliad

The technicians of Iliad are working to solve the problem, but a solution has not yet been found. Users plagued by this issue have used different ploys to solve the inefficiency. Some, for example, have set the phone network to 3G, since the problems seem to be coming from the 4G network. But it didn't work for all users.

One of the causes to be ruled out is the smartphone and the mobile operating system: the problem was encountered by both iOS and Android users. The same goes for the geographical area: the inefficiency affects people who live dozens and dozens of kilometers away.

What Iliad says

The problem is not unknown to Iliad: users who called customer service were reassured that they are not the only ones who cannot receive and make calls and that technicians are working to get the situation back to normal. But when asked about the cause of the problem, they were unable to give an answer. We'll see how the situation evolves in the coming days and if the Iliad calls problem will be resolved.