Iliad changes: coming even fiber to the home

Iliad wants to become a home phone operator and offer its customers offers with Internet connection and content. Target 2024

Target 2024. Iliad is ready to land even in the homes of Italians. To confirm the news is Benedetto Levi, CEO of the Italian company. After having conquered 3.3 million users in just under a year, Iliad wants to expand the market also focusing on the home phone offer. This is a long-term project that will see the company engaged in the next five years. For the moment, it is still in the initial stages and Iliad has not asked for permission to become a home phone operator.

The Italian telephony market is very diverse and composed of a rather high number of companies. But in the next two-three years it may change considerably thanks to the arrival of new technologies (high-speed fiber) and new competitors (even Sky, the satellite broadcaster, is ready to become a telephone operator and to present offers for home subscription thanks to the agreement with Open Fiber). In the next few years the challenge will also shift to the production of content: telephone companies will have to guarantee their users the viewing of films, TV series, sports and animation. And on this point Iliad is already ready: in France it offers users an all inclusive package that includes Internet at home and a subscription to a proprietary video streaming platform.

Iliad arrives in our homes: what changes

Iliad wants to become a home phone operator, but the process will not be short. On the contrary. The goal is to land on the Italian market by 2024 with voice offers plus super-fast Internet connection. Iliad, however, will have to sign a commercial and strategic agreement with one of the operators already active on the Italian territory, since it doesn't have the necessary network infrastructure to offer this kind of service. And the main suspect seems to be Open Fiber, the same company with which Sky has closed a framework agreement for the network infrastructure.

For Iliad it's not a novelty at all: in France it's one of the main players in the home phone market and it's specialized in offers that include both the only Internet connection or packages with Internet and multimedia content. And it is precisely on the content offering that the battle will be fought in the coming years. It is not by chance that a company like Sky has decided to become a telephone operator: the objective is to offer customers both a subscription to the Internet line and to the channels of the satellite broadcaster. And Iliad could also do the same by creating a video streaming platform in the style of Netflix and Tim Vision.

For the moment these are only suppositions: the project "Iliad home phone operator" is only in the initial stages and could undergo changes in the coming months/years.