Iliad, coming app to steal users from WhatsApp

The French low-cost phone company is working on a new official messaging application that will serve to chat like on WhatsApp

After revolutionizing the mobile phone market with its landing in Itali,a Iliad has no intention of stopping. The French phone company in fact is now working on a new messaging application that is able to counter the success of WhatsApp.

For Iliad this is a period in continuous turmoil. The French company after conquering one million users with its launch tariff (5.99 euros per month for 30 GB of Internet data and unlimited calls and SMS) is now trying to conquer another 500 thousand subscribers with a new monthly plan (6.99 euros for 40 GB of data traffic, unlimited calls and SMS). Iliad, however, all this is not enough and so here are the developers of the French company have set to work to create a new official application that will not serve to monitor credit or services but simply to chat with others.

Iliad and the application inspired by WhatsApp

The new service for chatting Iliad should be included in an application that users of the French company already know, namely Visual Answering Machine. This application, as the name implies, is used to check your voicemail but also to manage additional services or to understand your remaining credit and monthly traffic consumption. At the moment, Visual Voicemail is available in a beta version only for Android, but it will soon be released for everyone, including iOS devices.

During the official release Iliad will also implement a voice instant messaging feature that, in Iliad's plans, should help chew up market share to WhatsApp. With Segreteria Visiva, in fact, it will also be possible to record audio messages to send to those who left a voicemail without having to call them back. To listen to the audio note, simply open the app and select the message to listen to.