Iliad down, Internet KO all over Italy: what’s happening

Internet line down all over Italy and website KO: what's happening to Iliad.

Update 12:15pm - The down seems to be solved: many users, from all over Italy, are reporting that they have Internet access correctly again. Iliad's website is also back accessible.

After yesterday's strange voice call problems, when for most of the day Iliad customers heard someone else's conversations as soon as they dialed a number to call, new disruptions to the French operator's network: in most of Italy the Internet line is absent, Iliad is down.

First reports from 10:00, with a peak from 11:00 when it became clear that it was no longer a service disruption localized in a few areas of the country but a real national down. From Bari to Treviso, from Rome to Varese, hundreds of reports were pouring in. Iliad, it should be remembered, in its (short) history in Italy so far has proved to be quite reliable and such a large down had never happened. At the moment, however, the company is limited to responding to users with pre-packaged messages.

Iliad: even the website is down

Maybe due to an excess of simultaneous connections, perhaps for other technical problems, even the Iliad Italy website is completely KO: inaccessible, with the browser showing the error "Connection Timed Out". The server, that is, is overloaded or unreachable.

What Iliad says to its users

At the moment, Iliad is limited to responding to users (who in Italy are now over 6.8 million) who ask for information on social media with a generic "Hello, need help? Write us a private message, indicating your user ID. Thank you, iliad team".