Iliad, fixed network closer and closer: the authorization of the Ministry arrives

Iliad has obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development the authorization to become a fixed network operator. The debut is approaching

A new piece comes to compose a puzzle that is increasingly defined and that has as its protagonist Iliad and its debut in the fixed telephony market. It is now no secret that the phone operator wants to diversify its market and launch the first offers for the home network. After the admissions of the same Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad Italy, now comes a further confirmation: the Ministry of Economic Development has granted the phone operator the necessary authorization to operate in the field of home telephony.

What does it mean? That Iliad is for all intents and purposes a telephone operator for the fixed network and that it could start presenting its first tariffs. We know, however, that the operator's development plans include longer timeframes: the debut in the home network is scheduled only for 2021. Iliad's objective is to use 2020 to make its position on the Italian market more solid, to continue with the development of the mobile network and only afterwards to dedicate itself to the offers for the fixed network.

What is missing for Iliad to become a fixed network operator

The bureaucratic part, as testified by the authorization released by the Ministry of Economic Development, is now well underway. Also the commercial and development plan is well clear to the Italian company. What is missing at the moment is a network on which to rely, but even on this point it seems that Iliad has quite clear ideas. According to the rumors that have come out in the last few days, the operator is making an agreement with Open Fiber, the company controlled by Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti that is cabling the entire national territory with a super-fast fiber network.

The agreement foresees "the rent" by Iliad of the infrastructure in order to offer immediately a high quality of service. A choice very similar to the one made by Sky, which will soon debut (on June 16, 2020) in the fixed telephony market.

How will Iliad's offers for the fixed network

It's still early to make assumptions about Iliad's possible offers for the fixed network. The only thing that is certain is that the company will follow the same philosophy that has brought it good success in the mobile market: clear and fixed prices, without any hidden costs. In addition, Iliad could also focus on convergence, offering customers in addition to the subscription to the fixed network, also the one for some video streaming platform. In France, where Iliad has been active for many years as a home phone operator, it proposes such offers.