Iliad, home phone offers arrive: what changes

The CEO of Iliad confirmed that in the future plans of the company there is also the launch of home phone offers. Here's when they will arrive

Iliad offers for fixed telephony and home Internet connection will come, but "in the medium term", because they are in the "DNA of Iliad". After many indiscretions comes the final confirmation to the entry of Iliad also in the Italian market of fixed telephony.

Confirmation coming from an interview given by Iliad Italia CEO Benedetto Levi to La Repubblica, just a few hours after the communication of the excellent growth figuresĀ in the third quarter of 2019 both in Europe and in Italy: +8.4% in revenues in the first three quarters, for a value of 3.94 billion euros, at group level, and 286 million euros in revenues in Italy, where users reached 4.5 million in total. In the third quarter alone, in fact, Iliad Italy gained as many as 700 thousand new users, compared to 530 thousand in the second quarter and 472 thousand in the first. The company, finally, has strengthened its proprietary network and the network of points of sale.

Iliad: coming fixed network offers

The Iliad offers for the fixed network are also coming. But there's no Iliad fixed network coming: there's no official news yet, but it seems a given that Iliad will make offers for home phone and Internet exploiting the network of other operators (or Enel's Open Fiber). The first rumors spoke of 2024 as the date of arrival of Iliad in the homes of Italians, the words "medium term" spoken by Levi seem to confirm such a timing. Talking about offers is still too early, but one thing is certain: they will be very competitive prices. In full "Iliad DNA".

Fixed network and premium content

Iliad could also be interested in launching its own on-demand content service. No confirmation on this has come from the company's CEO, but in France the company already offers its customers a similar service. Together with the fixed line subscription, in fact, it's possible to subscribe an offer to have the contents of Netflix and other French TVs. In Italy it would find a market already mature (there are similar realities) and able to recognize the truly competitive services.

Iliad: growing number of repeaters and stores

In the meantime Iliad in Italy continues to expand its infrastructure, both technical and commercial. The goal is to reach 3,500 sites for the proprietary network's repeaters by the end of 2019 and, apparently, it's realistic: in the third quarter, the company added another 700 sites, reaching 3,100 in total.

At the same time, it has also inaugurated new points of sale: today there are 14 Iliad Stores and over 200 Iliad corners (mainly in shopping centers and large-scale retail stores). In total, in Italy, there are now over 700 Simboxes, i.e. the automatic devices (they look like red and white ATMs) through which a user can register with Iliad to receive his new SIM. All you need is a payment card, an email address and a valid ID.