Iliad, how to check your remaining credit and gigs available

To check your remaining credit and data traffic available with Iliad, you can access your Personal Area or send an SMS

If you have activated an Iliad SIM card, one of the first things to know is how to check your remaining credit and gigs available with your offer. Compared to other phone operators, Iliad does not offer its customers a mobile app that allows you to check this information directly on your smartphone, but you need to enter the personal area of the website. This section is designed precisely to replace the app and is very easy to use.

There is also a viable alternative to check your remaining credit or available data traffic: the SMS service. Just send a simple message to the Iliad support number to know this information immediately. Knowing how many days are left until the renewal of the subscription and the money on the SIM card is very important not to be unprepared. The procedures provided by Iliad are very simple and you just need to practice a bit to understand how to see the remaining available credit.

If you are considering changing company, below you can find some alternatives to Iliad, otherwise you can continue reading how to check your credit through your Personal Area or via SMS.

How to check Iliad remaining credit from the Personal Area

When you subscribe to an Iliad subscription, you receive an email confirming the creation of the Personal Area. Inside the message you will find both the User ID and the password with which to access it. In the Personal Area, in addition to the possibility to check your remaining credit and consumption, you can activate or deactivate special services, check your personal data or activate your SIM card. If you don't know the thresholds of your tariff, click on "My offer" to find out what they are. You can access the Personal Area either from a smartphone or a PC.

To check your remaining credit and gigs available with Iliad, you have to enter the personal area and click on the item "Consumption and credit". It will open a page where you will find very interesting information: the number of calls made, SMS and MMS sent and giga consumed. At the bottom there is also the remaining credit. On the same page you can also recharge your SIM in case the credit is insufficient to renew the offer.

How to check Iliad credit balance via SMS

If you can not find the credentials to access the Personal Area, there is another procedure to see the Iliad credit balance: send an SMS to the Iliad support number. The steps to follow are very simple: just write an SMS with the words "credit" to the number 400. Within a few seconds you will receive a message with all the relevant information. Alternatively, you can call the number 400 and a recorded voice will provide you with the remaining credit and the gigs you still have available.