Iliad, how to make donations via SMS

Also users with an Iliad SIM can send solidarity SMS to be more good under the Holidays, here's how to do it in a few simple steps

With the arrival of Christmas, more and more people are deciding to give themselves or give a donation to a charitable organization instead of the usual gadget or money tip. And it is not a coincidence, perhaps, that just in conjunction with the Christmas holidays also Iliad gives the opportunity to make donations via SMS.

With Iliad we can join the various awareness campaigns and fundraising by donating 1 or 2 euros via SMS. Once the money has been collected, Iliad itself will then turn it over to the organization that promoted the fundraiser, as happens with these particular SMS donations. Obviously, in order to make a donation via SMS it is necessary to have a residual credit of more than 1 or 2 euros, as the amount we donate will be automatically deducted from our residual credit on the SIM. To donate by solidarity SMS with Iliad you must first of all know the number of the cause to which to assign the sum, write a normal SMS (but it can also be empty) and send it. In a few moments the sum will be deducted from your remaining credit and destined to the chosen cause.

Donations via SMS with Iliad: what to do

Sometimes, even if you have sufficient remaining credit, you may not be able to make a donation with Iliad via a solidarity SMS, how come? Simple: it's possible that by default the paid SMS services are blocked on our number. We will therefore have to unblock the paid numbers. To do so is really simple: go to the official website of the low-cost phone company, access your personal area and unblock the "Paid Numbers" entry in the My Options section.

In the case of scams or solidarity SMS that we realize have not been made by proper charities, we will have 30 days to contact Iliad at the number 177. For any report we can also contact Iliad by Fax at the number +390230377960 or by regular mail at the following address: ILIAD CP 14106 20146 MILAN.