Iliad: impressions after a month of use

Iliad has arrived in our country for just over a month, here are the first impressions on coverage, browsing speed and use of apps after a first use

Iliad has arrived in our country for just over a month but has already created a revolution in the mobile market. In response to the offer of the French company, in fact, several operators have lowered the monthly price of their tariffs below 10 euros.

Many users have made a portability or activated a new SIM with Iliad, although at the beginning there were problems with the French phone company. Like the French IP addresses that in the very first days of activity of the company in Italy blocked users from accessing some sites, especially those related to home banking or streaming on demand services. Or the difficulty in finding and using the official applications, especially on Google Play Store. But Iliad has slowly put remedies to all these initial difficulties, so here are the first impressions on coverage, browsing speed and use of applications with Iliad after more than a month since its arrival in Italy.

Iliad: coverage in Italy

In this first month of Iliad in Italy we have tested the coverage of the French company in different cities, from Rome to Milan and Cagliari. The network coverage, especially in large cities is quite good and hardly find dead zones where our phone will not have reception to receive or make calls. The speech changes a bit 'when we move away from the main cities to go to the countryside or mountain areas. In this case the difference with operators such as TIM or Vodafone is more pronounced but even in less populated areas Iliad hardly has no signal.

Iliad: Internet speed

Let's say it now if we want to compare the speed of online browsing Iliad in general with TIM and Vodafone we are off the mark. Also because the French company currently relies on Wind network and only in a few months will debut its cellular network. This does not mean that with Iliad surfing with difficulty on the Net, indeed according to several speedtest in some areas Iliad has even a better connection speed to the "classic" operators such as TIM and Vodafone. In general, however, Iliad often surfs in 3G instead of 4G, although it is a 3G quite performant that will not cause us problems in opening a video on Youtube, browsing a social media, even one "heavy" in loading as Instagram and in the classic online browsing. In short, if our use of the phone is sending emails, use of social media, use of applications for music and video, the speed of Iliad navigation will not cause us any problem.

Iliad: use of applications

The use of applications is a bit 'the sore point of Iliad at the moment. Mind you, it's not because they are difficult to use, in fact making a recharge through the app or the online site is really simple but the French company with several releases of new programs in the course of a single month has created a bit of confusion among users. Confusion that has also been exploited by cyber criminals on the Play Store who have made fake Iliad apps to steal some user information. That said, Iliad's official apps are only two for now: Mobile Config, which as the name says serves for the first configuration of the phone at the time of SIM activation, and Iliad Visual Answering, which serves to manage additional services, recharge and monitor data traffic consumption.