Iliad is not working today, what’s going on

Since about 7pm on November 7, Iliad has stopped working. The malfunction affects a bit all the big Italian cities

New problems on the Iliad network. As of around 19:00 today, November 7, many of the mobile operator's users are unable to access the Internet and surf with their smartphones, while another part complains of poor signal quality, so much so that they are unable to make or receive calls.

In short, Iliad down in part of Italy on November 7, with the very first reports of the malfunctions on the Iliad network arrived a few minutes before 19, but have grown exponentially and within minutes. The failure affects some major cities in Northern Italy (Milan in the lead, but reports have also arrived from Turin, Venice and Bologna), with users complaining of problems related to the quality and reception of calls. In some cases, however, users also report difficulties in connecting to the Internet and browsing on social networks. Iliad technicians intervened promptly, identifying the cause of the malfunctions and taking action to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Iliad goes down on November 7, what's going on

Treating it as a problem that affects a large area of the Peninsula, it is possible to assume that there was a sudden failure that put out of order the systems that control the antennas of the Iliad network on much of the national territory, thus preventing its users both to make calls and to update social or send messages on WhatsApp. In short, Iliad's down was caused by a rather serious problem, which the mobile operator's technicians are already trying to solve. As mentioned, in fact, after identifying the cause of the failure, the technicians have been activated and have quickly restored the situation. After about an hour from the first signs, the problem could be considered solved.