Iliad network, Altroconsumo research reveals how fast it is

Altroconsumo has published in its paper magazine a research on the speed of the data connection offered by operators: Iliad and Wind the worst

Altroconsumo, an association that defends consumer rights, has published in its January 2019 print magazine a research on the quality of the Italian mobile network using data obtained with the CheBanda application, an app developed by QoSi with the support of the same association that allows you to test the connection speed of your phone. The data is very clear: the fastest operators in Italy are Vodafone and Tim, while Wind and Iliad are the tail-end.

Between the top group and the last two there is a big difference: while Vodafone and Tim offer a good quality service with a download speed of about 25Mbps, Wind and Iliad barely reach 10Mbps. Recall that Iliad, the phone operator arrived in Italy a few months ago, in many areas of the peninsula relies on Wind Tre antennas and it will still take a few months before the new network infrastructure set up by the company is active. The slowness of the Iliad network could depend precisely on the infrastructure on which it relies at the moment, given that the results recorded in the Altroconsumo test by Wind-Tre are not exceptional.

Mobile network quality: data from the Altroconsumo research

Before seeing specifically the data of the survey published by Altroconsumo, it is necessary to specify the methodology of the research. The data used by the association comes from the CheBanda application that allows you to test the quality of your mobile connection. Among the services offered by the app there is also the speed test to measure the connection speed: unfortunately, these data are not always very accurate, since they do not take into account several factors such as the model of the smartphone and the distance from the antenna. The research data was collected from early June to mid-November. Having made this brief premise, it is possible to move on to analyze the survey of Altronconsumo.

The first data that jumps immediately to the eye, is that of the download speed. Leading the ranking is Vodafone with an average speed of 27.2Mbps, followed by TIM with 24.4Mbps. Detached we find Wind Three with 11Mbps and Iliad with 10.3Mbps. We have already explained why the Iliad network is the slowest compared to other operators: for the moment in many parts of Italy it still relies on the Wind-Tre infrastructure. Moving on to the upload speed the data decrease dramatically for everyone. In first line always Vodafone (10.1Mbps) and TIM (8.8Mbps), with Iliad (5.7Mbps) slightly faster than Wind (5.5Mbps).