Iliad, new thresholds for international rates. What changes

These days it is sending an email to its customers warning them of the new pricing for international calls. Here's what's changing

These days Iliad is sending an email to its customers with the subject "Reduction of international rates". We immediately specify that this is not a scam, but an important communication that the phone operator is making to all its customers and that concerns a decrease in prices for calls made from their Iliad SIM card to a number in the European Union.

The lowering of the costs of phone calls and SMS from Italy to abroad is the direct consequence of the application of the "EU Regulation 2018/1971", which came into force on May 15, 2019, which provides for new rates in the 28 countries of the European Union. For European citizens who travel a lot and have working relationships with EU companies, this is a big news that will allow for big savings on the bill. In addition to Iliad, other Italian telephone operators have had to adapt to the European directive and lower the cost of phone calls and SMS. The new tariff schedule provides for a cost of 19 cents per minute for calls Italy - European Union (excluding VAT) and 6 cents for SMS (excluding VAT).

Iliad lowers prices for international calls

"Hello, we inform you that starting from May 15, 2019 international rates for calls and SMS to the European Union will be lowered in compliance with EU Regulation 2018/1971. For all information go to or in your Personal Area. Thank you, Team iliad." This is the email message that Iliad is sending to its customers to warn them about the new thresholds for calls to EU numbers. Clicking on the link in the email, you access a section of the phone operator's website that allows you to discover the new pricing depending on the offer active on your smartphone. Available are the Iliad offer at 6.99 euros per month (unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, 40GB of Internet traffic), the rate at 7.99 euros per month (with 50 gigabytes of data) and Iliad Voce at 4.99 euros per month and dedicated to those who use their smartphone only to call.

The new EU regulation allows for harmonization of tariffs at the European level and substantial savings for users. The new pricing is effective as of May 15, 2019.