Iliad not working, connection problems today: what’s happening

The Iliad network is manifesting some connection problems that do not allow users to call and surf. Here's what's happening

A bit of a complicated day for Iliad users. For several hours users have been reporting problems with the network and with the connection of the phone operator: in some areas of Italy users are experiencing momentary downs of the 4G network. It is not a real down of the network, but malfunctions that make it difficult to use the smartphone.

For the moment there are no official communications from Iliad. We can not speak of Iliad down, even if with the passing of the hours the number of reports has increased, as you can see from the site, site specialized in collecting comments from users when a service or an app does not work. It's still not clear what's going on, but surely Iliad's technicians are working to solve this temporary malfunction. We will try to monitor the situation and will keep you informed about the developments in the coming hours.

Why Iliad is not working on June 29

Sui generis problems for the Iliad network on June 29: the connection to the 4G network is creating more than a few problems for users who are unable to connect to the Internet or make calls. The inefficiency, however, does not seem to affect all subscribers, but only some users scattered in different parts of Italy. It is now about 7-8 hours that are reported problems with the network Iliad and certainly the operator is trying to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We'll see what will happen in the coming hours. The problem might not even depend on Iliad, but on the WindTre network on which the operator relies.