Iliad Offers with Unlimited Gigs: all tariffs with more data traffic

Iliad is a company that has managed to surprise more and more since its debut in our country, which took place in 2016, to date: the clarity and transparency of its offers, as well as the convenience factor, have allowed it to become in a very short time the fourth market player in the mobile sector in Italy.

Big changes are also planned for 2021: according to official statements by the company's CEO, the first offers for fixed telephony should in fact arrive, similar to what has already occurred on the French market.

In the meantime, offers for mobile telephony have become more and more interesting, to the point that several consumers have wondered if Iliad offers with unlimited Giga are available. In this article we'll try to clarify the issue and give some tips to those interested in activating a new offer for their smartphone with Iliad.

Do Iliad offers with unlimited Giga exist?

The year 2020 was a very special year for the mobile market: for several years now, the drive that has characterized it has moved more and more towards all-inclusive offers, or those that include a bundle of minutes, SMS and data traffic included in the cost of the monthly rate.

Never as in the last period, however, has the need emerged to stay connected at all times and the importance of being able to have a good number of Giga monthly on the phone, so as to be able to use your smartphone as if it were a router, thus connecting it to other devices via hotspot mode.

Although there have been several users hoping for the arrival of an Iliad promotion with unlimited Giga, the operator has not yet decided to devise a rate of this type as some competitors have already done. Spirits had been ignited, in particular, in September, when the operator had launched its Flash 100 offer.

With its 100 Giga and unlimited minutes and SMS at a monthly cost of 9.99 euros, Iliad's promotion became in a very short time one of the absolute best among all those in circulation, but it was marketed for a fairly limited period of time, as it was withdrawn from the market last October 15.

Despite the absence of a mobile promotion with unlimited Giga, the offers proposed by Iliad with Giga included maintain what are the characteristic traits of the company: the excellent quality of service at very competitive prices. Here are then the best promotions to consider.

Iliad Giga 50

This is one of the best offers ever Iliad mobile operator takes the name of Giga 50. This is an all inclusive promotion, which can be subscribed directly online, at a cost of € 7.99 per month.

In the monthly plan there are 50 Giga of Internet, which allow you to surf at 4G+ speed, and which also include 4 Giga for roaming connection, as well as unlimited calls and minutes to all fixed and mobile numbers in Italy, and also valid in roaming in Europe.

La promozione proposta da Iliad permette di continuare a navigare anche nel caso in cui si consumassero tutti i Giga previsti nel pacchetto mensile: in questo caso si dovrà sostenere un costo pari a 90 centesimi per ogni Mega di traffico consumato.

La promozione Giga 50 permette di poter disporre anche di un’opzione internazionale, nella quale sono inclusi minuti illimitati verso i numeri fissi e mobili di più di 60 destinazioni internazionali. Nello specifico, ne fanno parte i numeri fissi in Europa e i numeri fissi e mobili in USA e Canada.

Iliad Giga 40

La promozione Iliad Giga 40 è molto simile a quella appena descritta: è, infatti, un’altra tariffa di tipo all inclusive, che ha un costo di 6,99 euro al mese e che può essere attivata direttamente online, dal sito ufficiale dell’operatore.

Nell’offerta sono inclusi:
• 40 Giga di Internet per navigare da mobile alla velocità del 4G o del 4G+; anche in questo caso è valida la possibilità di continuare a navigare anche al termine dei Giga promozionali, pagando 90 centesimi ogni 100 Mega di traffico consumato;
• minuti illimitati verso numeri fissi e mobili in Italia;
• SMS illimitati verso numeri fissi e mobili in Italia;
• minuti, SMS e 4GB dedicati in roaming in Europa.

Sia Giga 50 sia Giga 40 prevedono un costo una tantum di 9,99 euro che deve essere sostenuto per l’acquisto della nuova SIM. Sono inoltre già attivi i seguenti servizi gratuiti:
• Piano tariffario;
• Controllo credito residuo;
• Segreteria telefonica;
• Portabilità del numero;
• Mi richiami;
• Hotspot;
• Nessuno scatto alla risposta.

Le promozioni appena descritto hanno un costo davvero molto basso e includono servizi molto interessanti, ma cosa succede nel caso in cui si volesse pagare ancor di meno? Does Iliad offer any alternative?

The answer is yes, but the available solution is designed for users who are mainly interested in calls, but not in mobile data traffic. In this case, the tastiest promotion to activate is called Iliad Voce: it costs 4.99 euros per month and includes unlimited minutes and messages, to all fixed and mobile numbers in Italy, and 40 Mega Internet.

How to activate Iliad offers

The overview of Iliad offers illustrated allowed us to understand that the company is very attentive to the needs of its users and tries to satisfy them in the best possible way. The ease of activating an Iliad promotion is another of its strengths.

First, you will have to be over 15 years old to sign up for an offer with Iliad. Secondly, you can choose whether to activate a new promotion online or in store, going to one of the many corner stores located throughout the country.

If you decide to proceed with the activation online, you must first register on the operator's website. You will then be able to choose whether to activate the chosen offer on a new Iliad number, or in portability, keeping the old phone number: both options are free.

In case of portability, you will have to enter your personal data and a very important data to complete the operation: the serial number of your SIM, which can be found on the card in which the PUN and PUK codes are reported, or by downloading a free application on your smartphone, which allows you to retrieve this data.

Finally, you will have to choose if you want to be identified online, through a video call, or by the courier when you will receive the SIM at your home: in this case, you must remember to make a copy of your identity document in order to leave it to the courier during the delivery of the SIM.