Iliad problems, phone clock lags behind. How to solve

Some users of the mobile operator accuse a problem with the phone's clock, which freezes and lags behind. The solution comes from Iliad assistance

For a few days now, Iliad users may be unwitting "victims" of a problem that plagues the systems of the mobile operator that arrived in Italy in May 2018. In the event that you receive a call (but the reasons for the malfunction could also be others), the phone's clock freezes and lags behind by about 5o minutes.

A problem that, at first glance, would seem to concern the smartphone and the operating system it mounts. And that, instead, depends on the technological systems of Iliad. The time shown on the screen of the phone, in fact, is based on data obtained from the telephone network to which you are connected, which thus dictates the "timing" of the operation of the device and avoids creating problems on the recording of the start and end time of the call. These days, however, Iliad systems seem to have problems of alignment, "forcing" the phone to show a different time than the real one. The problem, in fact, can occur both with Android phones, with iPhone and with Windows Mobile devices.

How to solve Iliad clock problem

Iliad assistance says that this is a known problem and the technicians of the operator are already working to solve the problem at the root. That is, they are identifying the software glitch that causes the misalignment of the systems and are working to find a solution that allows you to get around the malfunction and no longer block the time of the phone clock.

Iliad support recommends two different solutions to restore the correct time while waiting for the final solution. In order to set the correct time, you'll just need to enter the phone's Settings, access the time section and manually change the phone's time zone (bringing it to the London time zone, for example), and then restore the correct time zone. Alternatively, simply turn off and turn on, or restart, the smartphone and, when you turn it back on, the time will be correct again.

Update November 24, 2018 5:20 PM

Iliad says that the work of the technicians has been concluded positively and the problem has returned. As of now, therefore, there should be no more errors in the time display. To be on the safe side, however, restart your smartphone.