Iliad problems, you can not make and receive calls. What to do

Some users have reported some problems on the SIM Iliad in receiving and making calls to landline numbers, here's how to solve the inefficiency

After having to deal with the Codacons for an advertisement considered misleading continue the problems for Iliad, the low-cost French mobile operator recently landed in our country. Many users are in fact finding continuous difficulties in calling landline numbers in Italy.

The problems with calls from landline numbers on Iliad SIM are recorded both incoming and outgoing. An important disservice that the French operator will have to try to solve as soon as possible to prevent user complaints from turning into cancellations and switches to other operators, such as Vodafone's new competitor Ho.Mobile. At the moment it must be said that not all users are complaining about this particular disservice. Several Iliad SIMs on Italian territory in fact manage to surf and call or receive calls from landline numbers without any particular problems. In recent days, however, the number of people who have complained about the difficulties in contacting landline numbers has increased.

The problem of calls from landlines on Iliad: how to solve

Most users have reported that the problems are mainly related to incoming calls from landline numbers. Many have solved this inefficiency by disabling the 4G data connection. It would seem in fact this type of connection to the network to "interdict" the arrival of calls from landline numbers on our SIM Iliad. To change the type of connection just go to the settings of our phone and change the Network options. Whether we have an iPhone or an Android smartphone. This solution, however temporary, should also apply to those who experience problems with outgoing calls.

Calls from landline numbers disappeared: Iliad blames Wind Tre

To some users who have tried to contact customer support Iliad has told that the problem would be on the Network lines managed by Wind Tre and therefore the French operator does not have much room for maneuver to resolve the situation. Other users with the problems of calls from landline numbers on Iliad who have contacted the assistance of the French company, however, let it be known that Iliad has already begun a series of works on its networks to prevent these inefficiencies from recurring in the future. In short, after the initial enthusiasm Iliad is dealing with the first problems that the way in which they will be resolved will perhaps determine the future of the French company and its reputation in our country.