Iliad, roaming gigas increase for the 6.99 euro offer

Iliad users who have subscribed to the 6.99 euro per month Giga 40 offer can use 4GB of roaming data when abroad

In the last few days many Iliad customers who have subscribed to the Giga 40 offer (6.99 euro per month) have received a very important SMS: as of January 1, 2020, the rates regarding European roaming have been updated. What does it mean? Very simple: the phone operator has adapted to the rules of Roaming Like At Home, the European directive that allows users to use the minutes and data of their phone subscription even when they are traveling in Europe.

The legislation provides for a quantity of giga that varies depending on the cost of the monthly rate: the more you pay, the greater the amount of traffic data available. The formula is very simple: Cost of the monthly offer in Italy (VAT Excluded)/3.5) x 2. The text of the message Iliad users are receiving is as follows  "Hello, we inform you that as of January 1, 2020 we have adjusted our roaming tariffs in compliance with EU Regulation 531/2012 et seq. More info at or in your personal area. Iliad team."

Iliad Giga 40 offer: how much data to use while roaming in the EU

Clicking on the link in the message sent by Iliad, you land on an information page that explains what changes for users who have subscribed to the Giga 40 offer. Very simply, the giga to use while roaming in the EU goes from 3 to 4, well above the threshold that should guarantee the phone operator. Also updated the cost of the extra-threshold: if you exceed 4GB monthly you pay 0.427 euro cents for each MB consumed.

Iliad: what changes for other offers

The message was sent only to users of the Giga 40 offer, since for the other two offers of the phone operator the change had already happened. In fact, the €5.99/month offer provides 3GB of data when traveling abroad, while the €7.99/month Giga 50 offer has long since complied with the regulation by offering 4GB of traffic in Europe.

Also in the next two years (2021 and 2022) Iliad will update its pricing, decreasing the cost of extra-threshold data and increasing the number of gigs available.