Iliad survey with scam: no Galaxy S9 as a gift

In the last hours Italian users have ended up at the center of a new telematics scam. In this case, hackers exploit the name of Iliad

If in recent days or in the last few hours you have received a strange notification or a strange message in the name of Iliad, think carefully before pressing on it and open it. If you did, in fact, you would receive a surprise, but it is not the one written in the message. Long story short, you won't win any Galaxy S9. But let's go in order.

As mentioned initially, in recent days several thousand Italian users are receiving a message apparently sent by Iliad (the mobile operator, of course, has nothing to do with it) in which you are invited to participate in a survey. By answering the questions you have the chance to win the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9. Not a bad surprise, unfortunately that it is an online scam. As it often happens, in fact, cyber criminals exploit big brand names or companies to attract the attentions of unsuspecting users and make them fall into their trap.

The goal of this scam attempt, like many others that occur almost on a daily basis, is to steal user data. Thanks to the nine questions that make up the questionnaire, in fact, hackers will be able to retrieve information such as our personal details, phone number, email address and much more.

How to Recognize Survey Scam to Win Galaxy S9

Unfortunately, recognizing this type of scams is all in all simple. First of all, remember that no company or brand informs you about supposed winnings with pop-ups on the web or via SMS from unofficial phone numbers. Also, just a quick read of the text of the message is enough to understand that something is not right. Written in a more than approximate Italian, it is evidently the result of translation with a machine translation software not accustomed to translate texts in our language.