Iliad, unveiled the prices of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr: how much they cost

After the official announcement also appeared the first prices of the iPhones that will sell the phone company Iliad, here are the costs and how to buy the phones

After the announcement of the upcoming sale of iPhones on offer by Iliad on the site of the new low-cost phone operator also appeared the first prices for the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. So here's how much the iPhones sold by Iliad cost.

As already mentioned the first models on sale on the official portal of the mobile operator are iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max but also iPhone Xr and iPhone 8. And soon to the list should be added iPhone 7. Apart from the Iphone X 2017 in short there are all the latest models of Apple's top-of-the-line smartphones. Compared to other e-commerce the prices are not cheaper but Iliad offers the latest iPhones 2018 at a slightly lower list price than Cupertino, as we will see later. Obviously, to be able to buy iPhones on the Iliad site you will need to be a customer of the low-cost phone operator and have an active Iliad SIM. The cost of shipping home the Apple phone is 10 euros.

Iliad prices for new iPhones

Before buying a smartphone you will need to activate a SIM with an offer Iliad, if we are not yet users of this mobile phone operator. At the moment the Iliad monthly rate is 7.99 euros and has included 50GB of data traffic to surf the Internet, unlimited minutes and also unlimited SMS. Those who subscribe to this tariff or those who have subscribed to one of the previous Iliad offers will be able to buy the Phone Xs Max with 64GB of storage for 1,269 euros, the 256GB version for 1,439 euros and finally the 512GB version for 1,669 euros. As for the iPhone Xs instead, prices range from 1,169 euros for the 64GB model to 1,339 euros for the 256GB version. Lower prices for the iPhone Xr, the 64GB version costs 869 euros while the one with 128GB of internal storage costs 929 euros. Prices for the 64GB iPhone 8 have also been made official, costing 669 euros. Iliad has made it known that each user will be able to purchase a limited number of Apple smartphones with their account, but the maximum number of iPhones that can be bought with an Iliad SIM card from the company's website has not yet been made official.