Iliad, useful numbers for voicemail and remaining credit

By default on new Iliad SIMs the "call me back" service and voicemail are active for free, here's how to deactivate them

Iliad has just landed in Italy and yet has already made a lot of talk about itself. The French mobile phone company has attracted the interest of several users with its unique and very advantageous rate, even if there have been some complaints about inefficiencies related to web browsing and geoblocking.

While these minor mishaps are aside, however, there are already several tens of thousands of Italian users who have requested and activated an Iliad SIM, mainly attracted by the convenience of the offer of the French low cost operator and the curiosity to test the new service. They were able to discover that Iliad offers several services "by default" that other operators offer, instead, for a fee. These include, for example, voicemail - which can also be consulted using one of the Iliad apps now available in Italy - and the "Call me back" service, which alerts us to any calls received while the phone is off or unreachable.

Knowing the right numbers and codes, then, it is also possible to access other less advertised services. To know the remaining credit and Iliad thresholds, for example, it will be enough to make a call, as well as to solve the most common problems that may arise. But let's proceed in order.

How to find out remaining credit and Iliad thresholds

To make up for the absence of a specific app, if you want to know how much money you have on the Iliad SIM and what the status of the consumption thresholds, you can contact the service Consumption info at 400. In a few seconds you will receive a free SMS containing the details of traffic and credit balance.

Iliad voicemail number

To listen to messages received on the voicemail of your Iliad number you can use the ad hoc app available in the Google Play Store or call 401 and follow the guided procedure.

How to contact Iliad customer service

In case you have any inconvenience with your Iliad SIM and need to solve it soon, you can contact Technical Support on 177. The call is free of charge for users calling from their Iliad number, while you will have to pay in case you use the number of another fixed or mobile operator.

How to disable  "Call me back" and Iliad voicemail

To disable these two free but somewhat annoying additional services, all we will have to do is type in the feature lock codes. On Iliad SIM the code to remove both voicemail and "call me back" is the same. To do this we take our smartphone and type ##002# and send the call. At this point we will have disabled the two additional features. And if we want to reactivate them? Nothing simpler, we take the phone and type >*+393518995012# and start the call. And that's it.

Typing codes is not exactly a convenient method, although 100% functional. It must be said, however, that this is a temporary technique from Iliad have already made it known that soon the personal section for activation or deactivation of additional services will be added to our online account.