Iliad, what happens when they run out of gigs

When the gigs of your subscription run out, to continue surfing you need to unlock an option in your Customer Area: here's how to do it

30GB, 40GB and 50GB are the data traffic threshold offered by Iliad in the three subscriptions launched so far. This is a volume of traffic difficult to exceed in a single month, but in exceptional cases may not be enough. If, for example, you use your smartphone as a hotspot router and you connect to the Internet with your computer via your Iliad SIM card, you may use up your gigs in less than a week. What to do if your Iliad subscription runs out of gigs early?

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Until a few months ago, users could do nothing: once the data traffic ran out, they had to wait for the renewal of the offer to go back to surfing the Internet. Then the phone operator decided to offer users the chance to exceed the threshold by paying 90 cents for every 100MB surfed. A price all in all acceptable and very advantageous for users. The feature, however, is not active by default. To be able to surf in 4G when you run out of gigs you must activate an option from your Customer Area. A very simple operation to complete, but that few people know. Here's how to continue surfing when you run out of gigs of your Iliad subscription.

How to increase the data traffic of your Iliad offer

If you have used up all the gigs available and do not know how to continue surfing in 4G with Iliad, just follow this simple guide. First, you need to enter your Customer Area with the credentials provided by Iliad when you signed up for the offer. After logging in, you have to press on "My options" and then on "Unlock data connection". A new page will open with three different options: "Unblock data connection in Italy over 30GB", "Unblock data connection in Italy over €50 billed" and "Unblock data consumption in roaming (Europe and the rest of the world) over €50". To continue surfing beyond the data traffic threshold it will be necessary to activate the "Unblock data connection in Italy over 30GB" option. As mentioned, the cost for the extra gigabytes is very advantageous: 90 cents every 100MB downloaded.

In addition, Iliad will soon provide a new service to its users in order to avoid astronomical bills. When the data traffic of the subscription is about to run out, Iliad will send an SMS to its users to warn them, so they will avoid paying a very high amount for the extra data traffic.