Impero: tutto sulla nuova serie tv Sky Original

Al via le riprese di Impero, la nuova serie Sky dedicata al calciomercato: Sardegna, Milano e Roma ospitano i ciak


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Sky Original ha annunciato la partenza delle riprese della nuova serie tv: Impero. Otto le puntate in cui si racconterà il mondo del calciomercato. C’è da scommetterci: il successo di questa produzione è già ipotecato. The first clapperboard of Impero in Milan, a few days ago, but Rome and Sardinia are the other locations that will host the cast.

The gilded and ruthless world of soccer market will be broadcast on Sky: produced by Sky Studios and Luca Barbareschi's Èliseo entertainment sees the direction of the young Fabio Resinaro already a candidate for best new director at the David di Donatello in 2017. The television series Impero tells, for the first time, the work of sports prosecutors. High-sounding headlines in the newspapers give rise to confidential negotiations and hidden interests in the backstage of the world of football. We will see, in Impero, how economic interests often intertwine with political ones, decreeing the success of a player's engagement rather than the team in which he plays.

Impero: plot and cast

Francesco Montanari, already seen in a Sky production with Romanzo Criminale, plays Corso Manni: a successful sports attorney who has fallen into disgrace. Impero narrates the vicissitudes of Manni arrested after a scandal linked to illegal betting. Lies and injustices follow one another. Corso's world has some big shocks: his relationship with his father and his marriage to Elena Di Gregorio, played by the fascinating Italian actress Elena Radonicich (we remember her in the series 1992, 1993 and 1994).

In the eight episodes of Impero we will also find the charismatic Giancarlo Giannini in the role of the biggest Italian football agency tycoon; Elena's father in the television series. Corso will meditate a deep revenge against him, to the point of almost bringing down the world of Italian soccer. 

The human and serial side of the soccer market

In Impero is explored the most hidden, dark and unseen side of the universe of soccer. The series goes so far as to give a serial character to intrigues, compromises and bets in this great world called soccer market. This is the point of view of Antonella d'Errico, executive vice-president of programming for Sky Italia.

In Impero he tells the story of a man who at the peak of his career has a job, family and happiness, but in a short time will lose everything: unjustly framed. Redemption and revenge will go hand in hand in the evolution of the man, revealing deep personal aspects known to all. You may not love soccer, but appreciate the humanity of the story.

It will be available in premiere on Sky and NBCUniversal, on behalf of Sky Studios, will take care of the international distribution.