In Stranger Things 4 there is Freddie Krueger

During Tudum, the face of the new Stranger Things villain was revealed: welcome to the home of Victor Creel, played by Robert Englund

The Netflix international live event, Tudum, was held on September 25 and, as many predicted and hoped, it revealed a lot of news. For fans of Stranger Things, one of the platform's flagship series, there was not only the joy of having two characters conduct the live streaming, but a teaser of the new season preview was released.

The Netflix brass was right: Tudum unveiled a lot of previews and gave previews for numerous TV series. One of them is Stranger Things. A year has passed since the third season and finally the first images of the fourth chapter have arrived. Il teaser trailer distribuito durante in live streaming di qualche giorno fa non solo ci fa vedere quella che è la nuova ambientazione della serie, ma ci introduce nella casa di Victor Creel. Poco più di sessanta secondi ci immergono in negli anni ‘50 con in sottofondo Dream a little dream of me di Ella Fitzgerald e poi toni cupi, luci che ballano e un raccapricciante omicidio.

L’anteprima di Stranger Things 4

Il teaser di Stranger Things 4, disponibile online con i sottotitoli in italiano, ha svelato quella che sarà la nuova ambientazione della stagione, la casa di Victor Creel, e fa di lui il nuovo cattivo della serie. Robert Englund, che tutti conoscono come l’iconico interprete della saga di Nightmare, Freddy Krueger, darà il volto a Victor Creel.

Victor è un uomo disturbato, rinchiuso in ospedale psichiatrico al Pennhurst Mental Hospital poiché responsabile di un terribile omicidio avvenuto negli anni ‘50. The actor doesn't appear clearly in the few seconds of teaser, but it's understood that what took place in his home goes far beyond a simple, albeit brutal, crime.

The kids from Stranger Things 4

In the preview, we also see the kids beginning to familiarize themselves with the house and discovering their surroundings. "The world is full of obvious things that no one ever bothers to look at." This the line of the few seconds of the new season and reference is made to Sherlock Holmes, seems to confirm that the fourth season will be the best as already stated some time ago by the actors and creators.

In this fourth season will be deepened the character of 11 and we already know that Hopper, played by David Harbour, is still alive, stuck far from home in the snowy desert expanses of Kamchatka.

Tudum revealed the first images, but not the release date of the fourth season, leaving fans in suspense once again with a generic 2022. Waiting to see again the boys in action and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the 80s, we have only to watch the old seasons, with the best episodes of the saga and discover the curiosities of the series.