In the code of the macOS operating system there are already the new iMac M1

They are among the most anticipated computers of 2021 and still have not been announced, but now they pop up within the code of macOS.

The new iMac with SoC M1 have not yet arrived but are already expected in the macOS operating system. Between the lines of the latest beta version of the code of Big Sur have in fact popped up the names of two of the Apple devices that, once available on the market, could be the first of their family to mount the performing Silicon M1 processors of Cupertino.

To give the news of the presence of the lines of code has been the website 9to5Mac that, after analyzing the block of the beta 5 version of the operating system macOS Big Sur 11.3, has detected references to what have been called "iMac21,1" and "iMac21,2". In both cases, it's fair to mention that the numbers in the wording make no reference to screen sizes, in line with Cupertino's already well-known policy. It would not be, however, the first rumor related to Apple's desktop computers, since at the beginning of January Bloomberg had reported as the two versions of iMac had as code names the initials J456 and J457. 9to5Mac then confirmed the correspondence between the pairs of identifiers, indicating the models with 21.5-inch and 27-inch.

iMac M1, the clue that sparked the search

It all started from the curiosity of a developer, after receiving a particular report recorded following a crash of the app he was working on. Inside the file, in which are usually reported the technical characteristics of the device that generated it, the developer has found a suspicious clue: a reference to a model of iMac with ARM processor, not yet available on the market.

To further arouse interest, adding another tile to the mysterious mosaic, was then the recent withdrawal of the iMac Pro model, as well as some particular configurations of the iMac with 21.5-inch screen. All this has made us think about the possibility of seeing on the market a completely renewed version of the devices, with a M1 processor or - alternatively - another type produced by Apple itself.

iMac M1, as will be the new Cupertino desktops

According to some rumors circulating on the net, the new iMac models could undergo a restyling not only at the level of internal components but also of design. In fact, the well-informed point everything on a new generation from the marked similarity with the new Pro Display XDR monitor, the first Retina 6K screens with 32-inch display and superwide viewing angle.

So it would be a complete revolution dedicated to iMac, for which we can only wait for the next details in order to better understand the type of path taken by Apple on the development of its desktop devices.