In the U.S. the first chain of eSports Gaming Centers is born

In the United States, Simplicity has created the first eSports Gaming Center franchise: it starts with five, but the project aims high

They are commonly known as Sale Lan and, slowly, they are spreading also in Italy. Large and wide spaces in which it is possible to share one's passion for video games in the company of other people, so much so that - also considering the very strong recent diffusion of eSports - it is possible to consider them game rooms 2.0.

While here in Italy the phenomenon is still in the development phase (but it is growing, attracting many VIPs and sportsmen), overseas the Lan Rooms are very widespread, so much so that the Simplicity brand - of SMAAASH Entertainment - has decided to make them a franchise. They will open 5 eSports Gaming Center of 836.12 square meters with 150 stations. The first Lan Room will be in Boca Ration, Florida.

"The five locations will lead the way for a large-scale project. - said Jed Kaplan, CEO of Simplicity - We want to open 10 more by the end of the year and 50 within two years. The goal is to create a meeting point between our customers and sponsors who want to use our facilities.