In the United States the first school eSport teams are born

There are at least 8 states in the USA that have begun to set up official esportive teams

It is well known that the discipline of eSport is gaining ground around the world, greatly influencing the market and the economy. Precisely for this reason, the esports sector is constantly evolving and above all looking for a very precise definition, especially from the point of view of protection and regulation. Also because, as we're about to tell you, it's starting to involve particular areas such as schools.

This is happening in schools in the United States, where real official teams of players are being organized. As reported by Futurism, at least 8 states in the U.S.A. have begun to set up official exhibition teams. So e-sports officially enter the varsity environment, i.e. those clubs in schools where various competitive sports activities take place.

Already in 2018, as CNN confirms, schools in Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas have set up their own esportive teams, with the possibility of expanding to New York and New Jersey.

As we mentioned, the eSport sector moves a lot of money, just think that for 2019 is expected to turn over a billion dollars. That's why we're not surprised by the idea of making e-sports a school activity in its own right, especially in the North American educational system.  "It's a hobby they're passionate about and we want to encourage them to turn this passion into a career for the future, as professional gamers or by dedicating themselves to game development" - said Brian Prokes, executive director of the Johnson STEM Activity Center.

Italy is still behind in the eSport sector, but it doesn't seem to want to give up at all. Would you like to be part of a school where there are esports disciplines?