Infinity: all movies and TV series coming in October 2020

From movies in Premiere, to TV series that end and make room for new entries: the schedule of Infinity promises big surprises this month. Here's what's new.

For all Infinity subscribers, October 2020 will be a month of new arrivals, but also of important farewells, in fact two of the channel's most popular series will end. But don't worry: they will be replaced by several alternatives.

In addition to the episodic shows, there will be many feature films, many of them broadcast in Premiere. These are films recently released in theaters that are transmitted exclusively on the platform, which is really interesting for all movie lovers. Every week on Infinity you can watch a great movie in preview: in October there will be a total of 4 films in Premiere. They are shows of very different genre and type in order to please everyone. So, as the days get shorter and the temperatures rise, the list of movies and TV series will be longer and longer. Let's take a look at what's coming.

Infinity: movies coming in October 2020

Among the proposals in Premiere we will find, from October 2 to 8, Birds of Prey and the phantasmagorical rebirth of Harley Quinn, the DC spin-off starring Harley Quinn, played by actress Margot Robbie. After the end of her affair with the Joker, she's trying to recover and adjust to her new life, and she'll be doing so with a new all-female team.

The Right to Oppose is based on a true story, that of attorney Bryan Stevenson who stands by those who are wrongly accused. In the course of his career he will happen to defend Walter McMillian accused of killing a girl. Stevenson then decides to protect the accused because he is convinced that the accusation is unfounded and driven by racism. In the cast we find Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson. It will be available from October 9 to 15.

The third film in Premiere from October 16 to 22 is Superman: Red Son, while the fourth is The Perfect Deception, which instead you can watch from October 23 to 29.

In addition to the films in Premiere, will be released throughout the month many other films in streaming. The catalog is really wide because Infinity bets a lot on this type of content. Among the films not to be missed there are several novelties for children, such as Cattivissimo Me, arriving on October 2 and Pets - Vita da animali, which instead will arrive on October 31.

There are also several novelties for horror lovers. We will see the two films Annabelle 2 and 3 but also IT - Chapter Two. These are just some of the releases: choice is really wide, varied and suitable for all ages.

TV series on Infinity in October 2020

Now let's get to the TV series. As mentioned in the introduction of the article, we will have to say goodbye to two shows: The 100, now in its seventh and final season and Blindspot that ends instead with the fifth.

We have an absolute novelty: the arrival of the first season of All Rise, available from October 17. The genre is dramatic and tells the dynamics, often unfair and contradictory, that characterize the judicial system in the U.S.

On October 4 will arrive instead the second and final season of Splitting Up Together. The series tells the story of a couple who, after a divorce, decide to live in the same house by taking turns. The situation turns out to be particularly difficult to manage.

Finally, on October 11 (a weekly episode) we will be able to see the fifth season of Superstore. The series is light and hilarious, telling the life of a group of employees inside a department store.

This is Infinity's October 2020 schedule, all that's left to do is tune into the platform and wait for the arrival of your favorite shows.