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gamescom 2020: All info on dates, schedule & special features

The year 2020 runs under very special conditions. For events like gamescom, the effects are particularly strong; nevertheless, the game fair will take place. We name the date and explain the schedule.

Purely digital: gamescom 2020 plans to reach more viewers than ever online.

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, it was not clear whether gamescom 2020 would be able to take place at all. After all, a total cancellation was averted and the date has long since been set.

gamescom 2020: date at the end of August, no on-site spectators

Here's the most important info on gamescom 2020:
  • gamescom 2020 will take place from August 27 to 30. The place of action is not the Cologne fair, but the Internet.
  • Because this time the fair will take place without visitors. The event goes purely digital on the stage.
  • This logically means major changes with regard to the concept. So the exhibitors will transmit their upcoming and existing titles live via co-streaming with streamers, as a partner is also Steam on board to offer the virtual visitors playable demos over the Internet.
  • In total, even more content is planned than at previous fairs. Only special topics such as cosplay will have to be omitted. The gamescom 2020 program can be downloaded here.
  • Very positive: The entire event will be free of charge - spectators thus do not need a virtual ticket or similar.
Despite the special circumstances, the important industry giants have also decided to participate, including, for example, EA, Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. So there will be no shortage of triple-A material. While there's no question that the show will be a new experience without an on-site audience, even that is still better than a complete miss for gamers.

By Favrot Rheaume

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