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iPhone X: Swap battery - how to get full capacity

It is also possible to swap the device's battery on the iPhone X, which features the new facial recognition and bezel-less screen. But battery swapping takes a bit of effort, and the warranty is lost as soon as the phone is opened. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

How to replace the battery on the iPhone X?

There are four different ways to replace the battery of your iPhone X: Visiting an Apple-authenticated service provider, sending your phone in to Apple's repair center, going to a phone store that offers battery replacements, or doing the replacement yourself.
  1. If you want to send in your iPhone X, simply log in to the appropriate website with your Apple account and arrange for shipping. Apple will then send you a shipping envelope to send the phone to the repair center. After six to eight business days at the latest, you will receive your phone back.
  2. You can also take the cell phone to an Apple service provider. This usually changes the battery directly and you can wait on site.
  3. You can also have an iPhone X battery replaced in a normal cell phone store. Most stores offer this as a service. Just ask in a store near you.
  4. You can also unscrew the iPhone X itself and replace the battery. Dazu kaufen Sie sich am besten online ein entsprechendes Set oder im Fachhandel. Schalten Sie das Gerät aus und entfernen Sie die Gehäuseschrauben. Heben Sie das Display an und trennen Sie den Akku vom Gerät. Nun können Sie den neuen Akku einbauen und das Handy wieder zusammenbauen.

By Landmeier Dalen

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