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Ordering books online: These Websites Are Worthwhile

On the Internet, there are several websites to order books online. You can find printed books new or used. eBooks are also a good alternative if you want to save some money. You can read them not only with an eBook reader, but also with your smartphone or tablet or on your computer.

Buying books online

If you want to buy books online, you can choose between new and used books. With used books, you should always make sure that the condition of the item has been stated and whether it is sufficient for your purposes. If print editions are too expensive for you, eBooks may be an alternative.

On these sites you can buy books

  • Amazon.de: The large mail order company offers a wide selection of books. The advantage here is that free shipping is offered. You can also find used books. Amazon also offers eBooks for the ebook reader Kindle.
  • Rebuy.de: On the site you can order used books. You can always see the condition of the item and save some money.
  • Thalia.de: On the website of the bookseller you can order books either to the nearest Thalia store or to your home. If you order to the branch, you do not pay in advance and can view the book before buying it in the store. Here you can buy eBooks in ePub and PDF formats.
  • Booklooker.de: Here you can also find used books with a note on the condition of the product. You do not buy here via Booklooker, but directly from the seller who has posted the book.

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