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BookBeat: Prices, subscriptions and features at a glance

With a library of over 50,000 audiobooks, BookBeat covers all tastes. The service offers two paid subscriptions. Our guide lists the prices and explains the difference.

With or without limits: With BookBeat, you can choose between two subscriptions.

Audiobooks are in vogue, and that makes for a growing provider market. BookBeat is one of the better-known names in Germany.

BookBeat: These subscriptions and prices are available

With BookBeat, you have two different subscriptions to choose from:
  • Standard: For 9.99 euros, you can use the service with up to 25 listening hours per month.
  • Premium: Here the time is unlimited. The price is 19.90 euros per month.
  • In addition, you can have family members participate in the subscription: This costs per person 4.90 euros per month.
  • In all cases, the app offers a download function, thanks to which you can listen to the tracks offline.
The cancellation of all subscriptions and additional bookings is possible in each case monthly, just like upgrades and downgrades between subscriptions. In the beginning, you can test the service with premium scope for two weeks free of charge.

By Rothschild Sperber

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