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Samsung Note 10: Hard Reset - Restore Factory Settings

There are some software issues that can cause the use of your smartphone to be significantly limited. Also, if you want to lend or sell your smartphone, you should perform a hard reset to prevent other people from accessing your data.

This is how easy it is to perform a hard reset

You can perform a hard reset within a short period of time and thus protect your data from access by third parties as well as fix software problems.
  1. If there are still files on your Samsung Note 10 that you would like to keep yourself, first make a backup. Because after the hard reset, all data is irrevocably deleted.
  2. Open the settings of your smartphone by clicking on the gear icon.
  3. Before you now appears a menu with different headings. From these, select the heading "Backup and reset".
  4. You will now see more options, from which you need to click on the option "Reset to factory settings".
  5. You will now be asked whether you really want to perform the process.
  6. Confirm the selection and your Samsung Note 10 performs the process independently.
  7. Followed by this, your smartphone will reboot and you will have to enter your login details to regain access.

What problems can you fix?

If your smartphone hangs frequently or the screen freezes, it is often helpful if you perform a hard reset. This is because by doing so, you will also remove leftover files that may be responsible for the problems.

By Geddes Eskridge

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