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Lime e-scooters: what you should know about the scooters

E-scooters from Lime are now on almost every street corner. The scooters are spread across major cities and are ready to be rented anytime, anywhere, and transport the user from point A to point B. But how does the whole system work and what do users have to watch out for?

Lime: How the company's e-scooters work

Scooters from Lime are quite easy to use and rent. The process is simply tied to an app.
  1. First, you need the associated Lime app, where you can select a scooter to rent.
  2. To do this, you use the built-in QR scanner and point your smartphone's camera at the code on the scooter.
  3. Once the scooter has been recognized, you can confirm that you would like to start the ride.
  4. Of course, a payment method must be set up beforehand, through which the rental fee is calculated.

Lime: So much costs an e-scooter

  1. When renting an e-scooter, a basic fee of 1 euro is incurred as soon as a ride is started.
  2. Each additional minute costs 19 cents.
  3. Depending on the city, the price can even rise to 30 cents per started minute.
  4. Once you have arrived at your destination, you must end the ride via the app so that no further costs arise for you.

By Satterlee

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