Infostrada is not working today, what’s going on

Since about 2 pm, reports of Infostrada Internet line malfunctioning have intensified. Users from all over Italy can't surf

The reports started arriving at about 2 p.m. on May 7, but reading users' comments, Infostrada is down at least since late morning today, if not even earlier. The users of the fixed telephony operator owned by the Wind Tre group complain about the total absence of connectivity, regardless of the type of connection they have at home.

A rather serious problem, in short, that seems to have affected the fiber optic network and the ADSL network of Infostrada almost everywhere. The users who leave their comments on the DownDetect0r portal, in fact, write a bit from all over Italy. The Infostrada line is not working and, at the moment, nobody can say why. On social profiles, in fact, neither Wind nor Tre know anything about the failure, leaving users groping in the dark. It is very likely that the technicians of the Italian fixed line operator have been working for a long time to solve the malfunction, but they have not yet made known the timeframe to consider the failure returned.

Infostrada is not working on May 7, what's going on

As mentioned, at the moment the totality of the information about the failure that has knocked out Infostrada comes from the reports that users leave on the industry website DownDetector. From these it can be seen that many users complain of malfunctions on the Internet line only - both Infostrada fiber and Infostrada ADSL - while some also have problems on the telephone line and cannot even surf. A rather complex situation, which suggests a failure of some sort of sorting station managed directly by the fixed line operator owned by Wind Tre. Infostrada's taste, then, concerns the whole Peninsula. The malfunctions concern the customers of the major Italian cities, without distinction between north, center and south Italy.

We will follow the matter also in the next hours and we will update you in case of developments.

Update at 18:00

The problems are being solved.