Instagram, a sticker for group chats in Stories

Another sticker for IG Stories. Now you can create group chats directly from a Story: here's the procedure

New sticker for Instagram Stories. Since a few hours ago, a new sticker that allows you to ask followers to participate in a group chat has made its official appearance. This new feature is in addition to other stickers that the famous social has introduced in recent times and aims to make the Stories more and more interactive and engaging.

After polls, quizzes, questions and song lyrics, technicians and developers have added yet another sticker that encourages interaction between users. Already today it is possible to send a private message to the author of a story by pressing on the icon in the shape of a paper airplane. From now on, thanks to the new Chat sticker, it will be even faster to interact and message with your followers.

Instagram Stories: Chat sticker, how it works

How to use the new Chat sticker in Instagram Stories? First, you need to create a story using a video or photo. After that, you need to open the menu dedicated to stickers, third icon in the upper right corner. The Chat sticker is located in the fourth row on the right, it is light blue in color and the name on it indicates the function.

At this point you just need to click on the sticker and assign a name to the chat you are creating. The sticker can also be customized by choosing a different color. Once shared, all followers who view the story can click on the Chat sticker and join the conversation. It will always be the user who shared the story to choose with whom to chat and who to add to the group.

In the list of people who have viewed the story there will also be requests to access the chat, requests that will be accepted simply by clicking on the "Start chat" button. The chat can be interrupted at any time. There are also a number of options available such as the possibility to disable notifications, to make a video call, to choose whether or not to approve the participation of users in the chat and, finally, to add other users who have requested access to the conversation later.

Instagram Stories: adhesive Chat possible developments

Still have not been disclosed the maximum number of participants and the various additional features offered within the same Chat. However, the new feature seems to have multiple uses and can be useful not only to interact with friends, but also, for example, to organize meetings, projects or gatherings. For now it seems unlikely to assume a use by VIPs or influencers with millions of followers, we'll see...