Instagram adds landscape videos to IGTV

Instagram tries to revive the fortunes of its TV by adding landscape format as well. From today, users can therefore upload videos in landscape

Of the new features introduced on Instagram in recent times, it is probably the one that has been less successful. IGTV has far fewer daily users than Stories and the normal feed with photos and videos, and there have been rumors of possible changes to Instagram's vertical TV. Some time ago, for example, there was speculation of inserting IGTV videos in the users' wall, so as to increase views.

Before getting to this point, however, Instagram engineers try another move. Starting today, in fact, you can also upload videos in landscape format (the same orientation of a normal TV, just to be clear) and not only in portrait. In short, half a rejection of the initial idea, in the hope that users will welcome this innovation and spend more time on IGTV.

Why IGTV switches to horizontal format

In the official blog post is explained the reason that led Instagram to this momentous change in its vertical TV. After a long discussion with the creators who have used Instagram's video platform so far, it emerged that the vertical format was, in some ways, limiting. Perfect for those who shoot subjective videos (a sort of Vlog), the vertical format did not allow them to express themselves at their best. Hence the decision to switch to the landscape format, to encourage creators to test new ways of interaction and spur users to view videos created by others and participate with them movies and creations.

The effects of this move, they hope from the parts of Menlo Park, will be the same obtained in 2015, when Instagram put an end to the "dictatorship" of square photos and opened the possibility of uploading rectangular images, both in vertical and horizontal format. In short, a kind of all in to revive the fortunes of a feature that, at least in the plans of the Instagram leadership, was to have better fortunes than those obtained in its first year of life.