Instagram and Facebook down today, what’s going on

Since about 5 p.m. Facebook and Instagram are down all over the world. Even in Italy thousands of malfunctions are reported. Here's what's happening

It's not your app, nor is it your connection. If for a few tens of minutes you can't update your Instagram feed or Facebook wall, it's not your fault. In your same situation there are thousands and thousands of users around the world, who since about 5pm have started to report malfunctions on both Facebook and Instagram.

You just have to look at the Twitter feed (always very active when Facebook and Instagram are down) or on industry portals such as DownDetector to realize that this is a problem that affects not only Italy, but the whole world. The reports have grown dramatically in a matter of minutes, so much so that the hashtags #instagramdown and #facebookdown have entered the Trend Detector within a very short time. About the causes of Facebook and Instagram down we still don't know anything. Browsing the Twitter accounts of the two platforms we can get very little news: Facebook has ruled out that behind the down of the two social there is a DDoS attack, but has not provided further details. One of the hypotheses put forward as to why Facebook and Instagram are not working calls into question the upcoming merger of the infrastructures of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, announced later this week by Zuckerberg himself.

Also WhatsApp is having problems these minutes and does not allow you to send voice notes. Here you will find an in-depth analysis.

Instagram and Facebook don't work, what do we know

Analyzing the graphs published by DownDetector we realize that Facebook and Instagram went down practically at the same time. This suggests that there may have been a problem at the infrastructure level that does not allow the publication of images or the insertion of new stories.

Users of the two social networks, in fact, claim to be able to login into their accounts, but not to be able to do anything else. Whether they try to update their wall or feed, or create new content, the system shows no signs of life. Even the usual solutions for Facebook and Instagram down do not give the desired results. Many claim to have tried to log out of the profile and enter the credentials again, but without getting anything.

Update 8:00 pm. Problems continue for Instagram and Facebook. Technicians are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

Update 10pm. At the moment it seems that some users have managed to get back into their accounts and update Stories and posts. It is, however, a very small minority: reading the online comments you discover that many still complain about malfunctions, despite 5 hours have passed since the first reports.

Updates 4:00 am March 14. Facebook technicians seem to have permanently resolved the problems that affected the two social platforms. At the moment, it is not known what were the causes that led to the blackout