Instagram Android app disappeared from Google Play Store: what happened

The Instagram app for Android has disappeared from the Google Play Store and can no longer be downloaded. Technicians are working to fix the problem

The Instagram app for Android has momentarily disappeared from the Google Play Store: those who search to install the app, can't find it. This is a rather strange fact: Instagram is one of the five most downloaded and used apps by users on Android smartphones, and such a decision can only be taken for serious reasons related to the security of users or for bugs that need some work before they can be solved.

To give the news is the Italian portal Androidworld. For the moment we do not know the reasons that led Facebook (owner of Instagram for several years now) to remove Instagram from the Google Play Store. Hardly the decision came from Google, given the importance of the app. Big G, in fact, deletes an application from the online store only when it hides a virus or can be a danger to the security of users' personal data.

Why Instagram was deleted from the Google Play Store

As anticipated, for the moment we do not know the causes that led Google to delete Instagram from the Play Store or Facebook to withdraw its application. The most probable hypothesis concerns possible bugs in the application that need a few hours to be resolved and to avoid problems for users Facebook has decided to withdraw the app from the Play Store.

On the Google store, however, there are still other support apps for Instagram: "Layout from Instagram", "Instagram Boomerang" and "IGTV". It is also possible to upgrade the Instagram app for users who already have it installed. We will continue to follow the story and will update you in the coming hours, also providing you with statements from those affected.

Update 1pm. The app is back available