Instagram brings song lyrics to Stories

A new sticker for your Instagram Stories is coming: soon you'll be able to add song lyrics and sing like karaoke. Check out the details!

The Instagram team never stops, especially after this app has become one of the most downloaded in the world. New features are popping up like mushrooms, and they mainly involve Stories, i.e. the temporary content so much in vogue among users in recent years. After the ability to add quizzes, polls, GIFs or tag products, it now seems that the application is testing a new feature for music lovers.

There are no official announcements yet, but only rumors leaked via Twitter by programmer Jane Manchun Wong. According to the tweet, soon in the Instagram Stories there will be the ability to add the lyrics of a song while playing the video. The words of the lyrics will follow one another just like a kind of karaoke and you can also sing along with your contacts. This will allow followers to follow the song, word by word, and thus give them an opportunity to spend more time within the application.

How to put song lyrics in Instagram Stories

Manchun Wong, as also done in the past, managed to trace the new feature with a reverse engineering action. The programmer downloaded the app, obtained the source code and combed through it line by line in search of new features that the social-photographic platform par excellence is about to launch. So she came across what should be a new sticker for Instagram Stories, now hidden but evidently ready on the launch pad.

But how do you insert song lyrics into Instagram Stories? Since it is a sticker, the operation does not differ from that already seen for quizzes, questions and all other Instagram stickers. Simply, before publishing the Story you will have to access the sticker gallery, select it and "paste" it into your content. In a video posted by the same Manchun Wong is shown a practical example: the author adds the lyrics of the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Ashley to its video. The words of the song follow each other as the song goes on giving the funny Karaoke effect to the Story.

The other features of Stories for those who want to share music

Since the Menlo Park-based company has entered into several partnerships with major global record companies, it can put music content on its platform without fear of it being blocked or deleted due to copyright infringement. So since last year in the app were born many new features, such as the ability to add background music to photos and videos posted in Stories. Since the end of 2018, the songs can also be used to answer questions.

Soon, the app will give users the opportunity to have fun with a sticker related to music: make a nice karaoke. At the moment, it's not known when the new feature with song lyrics will be released by the company, but it definitely looks like the announcement is around the corner.