Instagram changes face: how the new interface will look like

Instagram is preparing to change face and has launched the test of three possible new layouts for the interface with sections dedicated to Reels and Shopping

With the advent of the new sections of Instagram Shop and to Reels, the app could not help but change its interface. The social network announced the change of face and showed on Twitter a picture with the three possible new layouts with buttons dedicated to the new sections introduced.

The company led by Mark Zuckerberg stressed in the announcement of the new designs that the goal is to represent the way people use the app, to improve the user experience and put it at the service of creators, videos and shopping. A very similar layout has already been launched in countries like India, Brazil, France and Germany, where Reels has been received with particular interest as an alternative to the social platform of short funny videos TikTok. The latest test, on the other hand, also concerns the recently added Shop shopping section, and therefore a wide range of new users.

Instagram, the three new layouts

The three new layouts will serve to give a new face to Instagram's interface, but above all to add buttons to access the new Reels and Shop functions. The social network has recently launched the Reels function that allows users to create short funny videos to share with their followers, an open challenge against TikTok. The shopping section on the other hand is getting stronger, with Instagram aiming to help business users increase their sales, almost like Facebook's Marketplace.

Now let's come to the three layouts, which are actually very similar to each other. The first one presented moves the Tasks and Search buttons to the top right next to the Direct posts, leaving space in the bottom bar for the Home button, Reels, Add New Post, Shop and finally the Profile icon.

The second new design instead moves only the Tasks button to the top right, next to the Directs. They remain in the bottom bar in order starting from the left the Home icon, Search, Reels which ends in the middle, then Shop and Profile. In the upper left corner, near the Instagram sign, there is the "+" symbol for adding a new post.

In the third one, the creation of a post ends in the upper right corner near the Direct icon, while the lower bar, starting from the left, always shows the Home icon, then Search, Reels, Shop, Activity and Profile.

Instagram, the reaction of users

Periodically every app needs a makeover, especially as in the case of social networks that must follow the evolution of the times. In the case of Instagram or Facebook, the new design is often a double-edged sword: it will never be possible to please users, who will be hopelessly divided between those who appreciate the new layout and those who struggle to get used to the novelty, even complaining. Also this time the announcement of the change of face of Instagram in the post on Twitter has triggered the reactions of users, who appeared divided.

In fact, there are those who seem to have appreciated especially the possibility of a Reels button on the main screen to use the new feature comfortably, those who think that the Shop button was necessary and those who consider the three designs completely unusable, so as to arrive to propose a fourth completely different. Reactions that are, however, fundamental for Instagram to finalize the test and know which is the best layout to relaunch and which could arrive soon for everyone.