Instagram, coming feature for calls and video calls

Icons have been spotted within the app that clearly refer to video calls. The feature could be coming very soon

Even Instagram will have the feature to make calls and video calls. After rumors appeared in previous months, the confirmation comes from the journalists of Techcrunch (U.S. portal dedicated to technology) that have discovered within the code of the application of the icons that make clear reference to calls and video calls.

We do not know for sure in which section will be inserted the new feature, but it is very likely that you can use it within Direct, the messaging service on Instagram. The calls and video calls would be added to the many features that Instagram developers have added in the last period and made the social application more and more complete. Such as Stories, which have been present on Instagram for just over a year and have allowed the platform to reach 800 million monthly users.

How does Instagram change with calls and video calls

Is this really an indispensable feature for Instagram users? The answer is hard to give. Calls and video calls are also available on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, which is also part of the Facebook group. In addition, it would be interesting to understand how the new feature will work. If they will be introduced within Direct, it will be possible to video call all the users you follow on Instagram. A not insignificant problem for the privacy and peace of mind of people.

The Techcrunch guys have also asked Instagram directly if it is true that the feature will arrive soon. But there was no comment on that from the social network. But all the pieces of the puzzle lead to the same conclusion: calls and video calls are coming to Instagram. On both Android and iOS.