Instagram copies Messenger: reactions arrive for DMs

The Facebook group expands the functions for its users: now on the photographic social network reactions arrive for messages exchanged in chat

Since its acquisition by Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram has introduced numerous functions, many of which are shared with Facebook. On the other hand, the two social networks belong to the same "parent company" and it is normal that development groups can collaborate with each other and compare new features and functionality.

In these days, for example, news circulates that Instagram will copy Messenger, the messaging app connected to Facebook. Even on the photographic social network will come the reactions to DMs, or private messages exchanged in private chat. The news is not official, but it was spread by Jane Manchun Wong, a famous leaker who loves to anticipate hidden features in apps. According to the expert, the feature for the moment is aimed only at employees of the company, but soon it could be spread to all Instagram users.

Instagram: how DM reactions work

In the tweet published by the account @wongmjane, the programmer shared a preview of the reactions, which appear quite similar to those already present on Messenger. It would seem that the feature is available for a group of employees of the social, who would be testing and improving it. On the contrary, users can still react to direct messages only with the classic little heart.

So, the feature might soon spread to apps around the world. Also because, Jane Wong is certainly not the only one to have anticipated the news. Alex Voica, Facebook's Tech Communication Manager also confirmed the existence of the hidden feature that would have already reached the experimental phase. However, it is not known when it will see the light. If it passes the tests, we'll see it in the coming months.

Instagram: how reactions to DMs work

Just like it already happens on Messenger, also on Instagram it will be possible to add reactions to every message received. The application is testing the arrival of six new reactions, which are added to the one with the little heart that has been present for years. In particular, in the anticipation published by Jane Wong appears the reaction AHAH, depicted by the amused face with tears in his eyes; WOW, with the smiley open mouth; the reaction SAD, which expresses sadness and the angry one. In addition to these, there are two other symbols: one with the thumbs up that expresses approval and another with the thumbs down that instead serves to disapprove the message.

When you add a reaction, it is enlarged and appears automatically below the message. In addition, an icon with the profile image of the person who reacted is also shown next to the feedback.