Instagram down on January 29, 2020: problems with Stories

Instagram is not working and not showing Stories correctly. The first problems were reported around 8pm. Here's what's going on

Instagram isn't working. Or at least there are big problems with Instagram Stories, one of the most loved features by users. As of 8 p.m. on January 29, 2020, many people are reporting problems seeing and posting new Instagram Stories. Reading the comments online, it would seem that the Stories posted in the last hour have magically disappeared.

On, a site used by users to report when an app or service is not working, there are thousands of comments from users. All of them have the same problem with Instagram Stories: you can't see the ones posted in the last hour, the number of views of the ones posted remains stuck at zero and even the featured Stories don't work. A rather peculiar disservice that creates anxiety, especially for the many young people who are now slaves to appear. From the staff of the application has not arrived any message, a signal that the technicians are working to resolve the malfunction as soon as possible.

Why do not work Instagram Stories

For the moment we do not know the reasons for the inefficiency that has affected the Instagram Stories. It is a rather peculiar problem: all other features of the social application work perfectly, only the Stories are blocked. Users who have posted an image from 20:00 onwards report that the view counter is stuck at zero, which is rather unusual for Instagram,

Most likely the problem will concern some application server or a temporary bug in Instagram. We will continue to monitor the situation and in the coming hours we will definitely be more precise.

Update 11pm. The problems with Instagram Stories have been rectified.