Instagram down on June 12, 2018, what happened

Since about 5:30pm today, the social platform is inaccessible from both web and apps. Instagram is not working worldwide and technicians are working

No, it's not your fault. Despite trying to connect and reconnect to Instagram, you can't update your feed and see pictures with your contacts' Stories. The reason is quickly said: Instagram didn't work from about 5:30 pm until 9 pm, at which time Instagram technicians seem to have managed to fix the problem.

The malfunction, according to the information circulating on the Net, affects users from all over the world: the largest number of reports - several thousand - comes from the East Coast of the United States and the United Kingdom, but hundreds of users complain about the inability to access their Instagram profile in Italy, so much so that the hashtag #Instagramdown immediately jumped into the top positions of the Twitter Trend Topic. A global failure, in short, that has affected both the website of the social platform, as well as the apps for smartphones: users, in fact, can not log in or view the news feed from any device.

Instagram down, what we know so far

The technicians of the social platform have been working hard to understand what was the cause of the problem and find possible solutions. In short, if you wonder why Instagram doesn't work, you're not the only one. In fact, you are in very good company. Given the extent of the malfunction and the impossibility of accessing Instagram both from the web and from smartphones, it is likely that the Instagram problem has affected the data centers and Content Delivery Networks (the distribution networks used by online services to speed up the loading of sites) exploited by the social network owned by Facebook.

About four hours after the first warnings, Instagram is back to work: at about 21:00 the reports of malfunction were zero or reduced to a few dozen. A sign that the technicians had finished their work, despite the fact that the U.S. company did not arrive explanations on what happened.