Instagram down today, what we know so far

Since about 5 pm Instagram is not working. After the down recorded late at night, users of the famous social platform can not update the feed

Instagram is not going. Shortly before 5 p.m., the popular photo social network began to experience several issues, soon becoming unreachable. Thousands of users around the world, as always happens on occasions like these, have begun to storm the portal DownDetector with reports (worldwide there are about 4,000 at the time of writing, but the number seems to be destined to grow), while on Twitter the hashtag #instagramdown has begun to climb the charts of the Trend Topic.

According to online comments, Instagram down seems to affect users who update their feed via app (the vast majority, of course), while the web version of the platform owned by Facebook seems not to have any kind of problem. To be fair, this is not the first malfunction that affects Instagram today, July 18. Late in the night - between 1 and 2 am - there was a first down, of far greater proportions than that of these minutes. At the moment it is not known whether the two events are related, nor what are the causes of Instagram not working.

Instagram not working on July 18, what's happening

As mentioned, at the moment the situation is shrouded in a thick fog. Menlo Park technicians are already trying to find out what caused the malfunction, but for now users are groping in the dark. It's likely that the overnight down and this afternoon's down are somehow related to each other.

The fact that Instagram doesn't work on smartphones while it seems to have no problems on the web platform gives us a faint clue as to what could have gone wrong. Perhaps, during an update or a routine maintenance operation some action has messed up the configuration of some machine, thus causing a series of problems that have made the platform unstable.

As said, this is just a hypothesis and it is not at all sure that it can correspond to reality. We will continue to follow the story and we will keep you updated on the next developments.