Instagram down: why the screen is white

Since 11:30 am on March 22, some users report problems with Instagram. The application does not update the feed and the screen is white. What's happening

Instagram is not working and is creating several problems for thousands of users. A week after the down that involved Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger (all apps that belong to Mark Zuckerberg's company), the Menlo Park company's servers seem to be in trouble again. The problem, however, does not seem to have affected all users, but only a small group.

Usersers are reporting a very peculiar problem and it does not seem to have anything to do with the one of March 13, 2019. The application seems to work, but on the smartphone instead of photos appears a completely white screen with only the icons of the profile photos of their friends. This is not a real down of Instagram, but a malfunction of the app probably due to an update with some bug. The inefficiency, in fact, is affecting a small number of users and Instagram technicians are already working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Instagram does not work: the screen is completely white

From this morning at 11:30 many users report that Instagram does not work very well. When you launch the application, instead of the Stories and pictures posted by the people you follow, you are shown a completely white screen with only the icons of your friends. Photos seem to be completely gone. The problem, however, doesn't seem to have affected all users, but only a small number.

To look for a solution, people have started publishing posts on Twitter using the hashtag #instagramdown. And they did the same on, a site that collects reports from users when a service is not working.

For the moment there is no explanation about the down of Instagram. The most likely hypothesis is that it is an update with some bug that sends the application into a tailspin. Instagram's technicians are already working to resolve the situation. We will keep you updated.

Update 4pm. Reports are decreasing and the problem seems to have been fixed.