Instagram from desktop: now you can also post

The social platform introduces several new features for its users but the most awaited one was certainly the possibility to publish posts directly from desktop, without going through the smartphone

The Facebook group continues to evolve the Instagram app, one of its most profitable apps also because it has the users with the lowest average age. These days, from October 19 to 21 to be precise, several new features are being released that will make the app more collaborative for creators, more useful for non-profits and more convenient for everyone.

Three new features have been announced: "Collaborations", "Fundraiser Prompts" and the ability to publish a post directly from the desktop, with a Windows PC or Mac. In addition, but it's a minor novelty, new sound effects are also coming for Reel. These are the latest news, of a long series, that Instagram is putting in place to keep the platform updated and alive. In recent weeks it had in fact presented some specific features for the mental health of teenagers, several interesting features for live (which will now cross with "Collaborations") and a sort of warning system for when the platform has problems (such as the recent general down of all platforms of the Facebook group).

Instagram from PC and other news

We start from the most substantial news: the ability to publish a post on Instagram directly from your computer, with a normal Internet browser. Until now, almost all users could only use the Instagram website to look at other people's posts, put a like or write a comment.

Aside from very rare cases, users with additional functions in the testing phase, it was not possible to write a post from scratch starting from a photo or a video on the computer. This meant that if you wanted to use material produced on your PC or Mac for a post, a story or a Reel, you had to send the material to your phone and then publish it.

Now everything is much more comfortable and smooth. This novelty will be released for everyone from October 21, 2021.

The other novelties announced by Instagram

As for the other novelties, however, the most interesting is certainly "Collaborations". As the name says, it is the possibility to create a post or a Reel together with another Instagram user.

Practically, you can send an invitation to collaborate to the second user: if he accepts it, then the post will be published by both authors. This will consequently mean that the post or Reel will appear on both profiles and that the visits and reactions received on both profiles will be added up. The collaborations are already active since October 19 for many users.

Finally, with "Fundraiser Prompts" users will be able to select a nonprofit and launch a fundraiser directly with a post on Instagram. This feature is active starting today, October 20, 2021.