Instagram: from today, song lyrics arrive in Stories

Instagram introduces the new Music feature that allows you to insert song lyrics in Stories. Here's how it works

From today in Instagram Stories you can insert song lyrics thanks to a special sticker. The app once again winks at those who live their days with music in their headphones. Among the first stickers in this vein there was just the one that allowed you to share your favorite song.

The indiscretion on the new feature was announced by a tweet from Jane Manchun Wong already a few weeks ago. The expert had said that the new feature was imminent and so it was. Already from now it is possible to add song lyrics inside the Stories. Just create one and select the appropriate sticker that appears among the list of those already available. The sticker is called "Music" and allows you to choose the song you want to share, matching a text that appears as those words are spoken in the song. The final effect is very similar to that of karaoke.

The new Music feature in Instagram Stories

Anticipated on Twitter by Jane Manchun Wong, made official by Instagram channels: the Lyrics feature in the Music sticker has finally arrived, allowing you to insert the lyrics of songs playing within Instagram Stories.

Doing so is very simple: just access the creation of Stories, tapping on the circle containing the profile photo that is located in the Home of the app, at the top left. After choosing a photo or video, you can select the classic Music sticker. After choosing the song to accompany the content, you can now decide whether to add lyrics or not. In the first case, the words will be in sync, that is to say, they will appear on your smartphone's screen just when they are pronounced in the song, creating the karaoke effect. You'll also be able to change the font style, choosing from four types, and the animation with which you'll scroll the lyrics of the songs. In addition, you'll be able to change the color of the lyrics by tapping on the rainbow circle at the top. With the timeline at the bottom of the screen, you can select which part of the song you want to play.

Of course, the app also lets you share just the music, without adding lyrics. In this case, once you've selected the song, all you have to do is tap the fourth or fifth icon among the options. The rest will be as usual: in the part below you'll be able to select the fragment of the song you want to play, which shouldn't be longer than 15 seconds.

What to do if the lyrics function doesn't appear?

It may happen that some lyrics have not yet been recorded by the system, so for these songs the lyrics function is not available in the Music sticker. The most important and famous songs will surely be available in the Stories, for the less known and niche ones you will have to wait a while. Unfortunately, if you are a lover of Italian music, know that still many songs have not been recorded. On the other hand, the function is only at the beginning, soon it will be enriched with songs of all kinds, including Italian ones.