Instagram: from today you can make purchases directly from the app

The e-commerce revolution of Instagram starts from the United States. From today, users will be able to complete purchases directly in the social app. Here's how

For some time, Instagram has been trying to change and transform itself from the "simple" social platform where everyone can post what they want to a privileged showcase where fashion brands and fashion bloggers can not only show off their outfits, but can also sell their favorite items.

An experiment in this sense had already been done some time ago. Instagram had opened its e-shop to U.S. businesses back in 2016, and then brought the feature to the rest of the world starting in spring 2018. To be honest, however, it wasn't a real e-commerce portal: most of the transactions, in fact, took place outside the social platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who in fact only acted as an intermediary in the purchase. With the latest update of the app, arrived exactly one year after the launch of the purchasing platform at global level, Instagram takes the last step to become a real ecommerce of fashion and not only. As of today, in fact, you can buy directly from the app, without the need to be redirected to the manufacturer's page.

How to sell and buy on Instagram

As always happens with the release of new features, Instagram's e-commerce is currently only available in the United States and for a small number of brands. In the coming weeks, however, the feature will be brought to the rest of the world and extended to other brands and manufacturers. Al momento, è possibile acquistare direttamente su Instagram i prodotti (tra gli altri) di Adidas, Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop, Kylie Cosmetics, Nike, Ouai Hair, Burberry, Dior, H&M,  Prada e Zara.

checkout-instagram.jpgFonte foto: Instagram

Le procedure per vendere su Instagram non cambiano di una virgola rispetto al passato: sarà necessario avere un account Business e una Pagina Facebook collegata dove creare direttamente le inserzioni, che saranno poi “pescate” dagli algoritmi della piattaforma social-fotografica.

A cambiare, invece, sarà la modalità con la quale gli utenti compreranno su Instagram. Se fino a qualche giorno fa compariva il pulsante “Visualizza prodotto”, ora vedranno “Fai il checkout su Instagram”. After clicking on it you will be redirected directly to the payment page, where to enter your personal data (such as shipping address) and payment information. To pay on Instagram you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal account.