Instagram has started verifying the age of its users

Instagram introduces a requirement to declare one's age, the first step towards verifying that the user is actually over 13, as required by the social's rules

To make Instagram a safer place and suitable for users belonging to younger age groups as well, the company is actively moving to introduce a number of tools that can personalize and improve the user experience. The latest, in order of time, concerns the verification of the age of its members, which cannot be less than 13 years old.

The age confirmation requests come after other methods introduced by Instagram to protect members who have not yet reached the age of majority. Just last March, the platform included a system that prevents minors from receiving messages from over-18s who don't follow while, in July, profiles of those under 16 were made private. Instagram, however, is not the only app to have decided on greater protection for the little ones: TikTok, another social network loved by the very young, has